Truck & Trailer Loans

Want to purchase a Truck or Trailer for your transport business? Are you looking for a loan firm that understands the transport industry in depth? Well, you are at the right place. We offer the country’s best Truck financing solutions and deeply understand how it works.

Trucks & Trailers we finance

Some of the common Trucks and Trailers we finance are:

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Truck and Trailer Loans

We offer financial solutions that will help you obtain the Truck and Trailer
you need while managing your cash flow effectively.

Low Doc Finance

A low-Doc loan requires little or no documentation to finance equipment purchases if you meet certain criteria. This can be a quick and smooth option that can be completed in a few days without having to provide a ton of financial information.

Full Doc Finance

When your truck or trailer purchase does not meet low-doc criteria, we offer full doc finance solutions to help grow your business. Full doc finance may require latest financials and GST documents.

1 Day ABN or Start Up Finance

We understand that changing from PAYG to running your own transport business should not be too much hassle. We offer 1 day ABN loans to people looking to start their own business.

Private Sale Finance

Buying a truck or trailer privately? Not an issue for us. We have been regularly financing the private sale of trucks and trailers. We do all the work of checking any finance or written off/stolen checks so that the title of the vehicle passes to you.

Old Truck and Trailer finance

Sometimes buying an old vehicle may be a cheaper and faster way to grow your business. We can offer finance solutions for trucks and trailer up to 30 years old.

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Our Lenders

At Loanatic Finance, we have established partnerships with reputable finance banks and lenders to provide
you with comprehensive financial solutions and help you achieve your growth goals.